Saturday, 8 October 2011

Shoo Fly

We've been having plague proportions of flies (house flies/cluster flies) in our backyard due to the proximity of Lapin Chateau to our back veranda.  I've tried everything - from the cut up bottle with chicken poop as bait, the Bunnings bought version of the same (no flies ever went in to drown there), the Supermarket sprays that puff out insecticide at regular intervals, the Citronella candles, the mosquito coils... until we went back to good old fly paper... success... or at least the numbers are coming down.  And it's environmentally friendly to boot!  Now that I know it works, I will give a homemade one a shot to see if I get the same effectiveness.  Pip reckons it's 'ugly' but then so are the buzzing flies!

Flies stuck to the sticky paper

1 comment:

  1. We have one of these hanging in the kitchen, I dont care how yucky it looks, it catches flies lol!

    There are recipes for making these on the web, I have seen some recently :)