Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Knitted Blanket

It's going to take a while, but there's progress.  7 squares - another 21 to go.  Hopefully this will get done before the weather gets too hot to knit!  Muted colours that would make it a manly enough blanket for a teenage boy.  I started knitting on the horizontal but discovered that it's much easier making squares when you knit on the diagonal.  A crochet granny square one just to break up the monotony.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Catch Up Day

Tilly trying to catch the first rays of sunshine as dawn breaks
Spring on the dining table
Laundry on the line
With all the rain on the weekend, there were a lot of chores that were banked up that needed Monday and Tuesday to catch up.

Monday, 26 September 2011


The weekend brought much needed rain and the garden is revelling in it - although I can't say the same for the animals and humans.
Crab apple ready for spring show
Strawberries enjoying the soaking
Passionfruit vine starting to leaf up again - hopefully this will provide the chicken coop with much needed shading in summer.  Tilly the cat taking a walk on the wildside with me.
Chickens a bit bedraggled trying to dry off under the covered pergola area.
Butterball - soaking foot feathers - she's my favourite although she suffers the most in the wet and always looks the dirtiest.
Cinnamon and Chloe still managing to look relatively 'clean'

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Thought For The Week

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.  ~ Thomas Edison

With that in mind, I aim to set out looking for 'opportunities' this coming week in the daily tasks that I perform.

Friday, 23 September 2011


Broody and screechy Nutmeg persisting in trying to 'hatch' pebbles
My white mulberry tree cutting has arrived and I'm letting it harden off in a pot before I plant it out
Hard to imagine that a little sapling like this could possibly (given time and love) grow into a 8-10m tree
Beginnings - I guess to a certain extent Nutmeg is expectant as well howbeit futile her attempts to hatch pebbles.  I'm hoping that this mulberry tree would give us plentiful fruit in the years to come.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Spring Flowers

I don't actually know the proper name for these flowers. They flower on a bush every spring in my front garden and carry with them a delicious subtle vanilla like scent - not as heady as jasmine but lovely just the same.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rabbit Hutch Renovation

Lapin Chateau in the early days (BEFORE) when we housed both Benjamin and Jennifer together
Benjamin was often like this - a tad too 'loving' for Jennifer's taste
Benjamin in solitary confinement now - leaving Jennifer all to herself to enjoy the luxuries of the Chateau
Just in case you're wondering.  Benjamin Bunny does still love Jennifer Bunny

Initially we had only planned to have just the one bunny - Benjamin.  Until Jennifer wandered into our yard one day (probably someone's escaped pet).  We tried to house the 2 of them together in Lapin Chateau and that arrangement worked to a certain extent, although Benjamin was hardly a gentleman.  It came to a point when we had to move him out because he had started to pull tufts of fur off Jennifer's head (leaving her bald).  For that he got solitary.  We did attempt supervised conjugal visits but found that he was not behaving on those occasions so they now live separate lives.  The rabbit set up suits Philippa because all she has to do is empty out their litter trays (they poop and wee in the one spot) on a regular basis.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Clivia in bloom

I've never been a big fan of orange - I'm more of a mauve/blue/pink flower admirer.  Nevertheless, the sight of this lone clivia amidst the gloom of a dark corner of the backyard (just outside my kitchen window might I add) may just make me change my mind.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  You've come a long way.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Vegetable Garden Progress

There are 3 vegetable garden beds down the back of the garden next to the chooks.  I've tried in vain to keep them out of there with bird netting - crude but temporary and aesthetically not terribly pleasing to the eye.  So finally I decided that it was time to try to fence them out whilst they are on 'free-range' time.
Bird Netting with Garden Stakes to prop it up
Lone Thornless Blackberry plant that I just planted - there's a wire cage around it to stop the chooks digging

You can just see the galvanized fence panels - they aren't very tall - 900mm max.  I'm hoping the chooks will not attempt to fly over them.  The garden stakes that prop them up are rather tall but I'm thinking of sewing up some bunting to spice up the look!

View from the other side of the garden

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Owlery

I collect owls.  I have since I was a teenager.  All through the years friends and family who know of my owl fetish have 'helped' by rescuing orphan owls from far and wide to reside as part of the owlery.
Ever so often, a privileged few would be allowed to take wing from the display cabinet and find their way into the day to day living of the Lee household.
Owl Clock in the Dining/Kitchen above the Hutch

Can you spot the owl?
Owl harbouring a scented tea light joins me at the breakfast table

Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Garden Pre-Spring

Our Backyard

This is the current look into our backyard garden.  The chicken coop and run resides down the back, we have a covered pergola which is paved.  2 standard ficus stand like sentinels although they are a bit worse for wear because they've been moved and are currently sulking in their new home.  I'm hoping that the warmer weather would coax them back to luxuriant growth again.  The row of dietes (pointy plants on the left of the coop) were re-plants from an ebay buy.  In fact a lot my plants/pots have been ebay finds.  Orphans looking for good homes which I welcome.  Now if only my vegetable patch (hidden by the dietes) were just as verdant.  I really do have to get cracking as it's already September!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Tilly has found a new spot

Looks like Tilly has found a new spot and it isn't the bin. It's my bed! In a way, I like it because now I get to cuddle her while I am on my bed reading but in a way, I don't like it because now I can't use my blanket seeing as she's sleeping on it. She can't get up onto my bed because my bed is a loft bed(like a bunk bed but only has a bed at the top and a desk at the bottom instead of a bed)but she can easily get down. It is a long way to jump so she takes a shorter route at the back of my bed. Tilly jumps onto the dresser which is at the end of my bed and then she jumps to the floor. As annoying as she is, (sometimes)Tilly isn't a dumb cat.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Introducing The Chickens

From Left to Right - Cinnamon, Nutmeg (frizzle), Butterball
Foraging for bugs in the backyard.  Chook Palace in background (with white picket)
Taking in the green grass and hopefully finding some crickets bye the bye.
Cinnamon - she's broody but will come out on her own on occasion.

Officially we have 4 chooks in our suburban backyard (council lets us keep a maximum of 5 hens, no roosters).  They are all bantam crosses which we hatched and raised as chicks so they are quite tame.  Chloe remains holed up in the coop trying desperately to hatch phantom eggs of her own imaginings (she doesn't have any eggs to sit on but persists in doing so).  Cinnamon joins her too but I'm hoping is coming out of that dreamlike broody state.  We have 2 hens laying right now (Butterball and Nutmeg) and 2 broody ones.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Unwanted Visitors

My garden pot is growing so well. All the herbs are coming up. I am so excited to finally have a successful garden! The parsley is growing, the oregano is growing, the thyme and dill are growing, the fennel and strawberries are growing and the mint is just growing wild. But this morning I found out that my garden pot was visited. Visited by unexpected and unwanted visitors. Those unexpected and unwanted visitors were slugs! Gross! They had eaten holes in my mint. I am not actually sure whether it was a caterpillar or a slug but when we looked under all the leaves, we couldn't find any caterpillars so we are assuming that it was a slug.

Owl Tea Cosy

The great reveal as requested by Suzanne of Enchanted Moments... a thrifted owl tea cosy that I had to embellish somewhat to make up for the lack of height (my teapot happened to be slightly taller than the one it was originally meant for) so I added 2 rows of crochet to make a 'skirt'.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I think the picture says it all. My favourite figurines thrifted from an op shop. I love the simple lines of the pieces and the fact that there are no frills to the pieces. A mother and daughter - as if in prayer, just moving quietly through life cherishing what's important and losing that which is peripheral and non-essential. I've always wanted a 'Simplify' sign. Whilst sifting through my stockpile of wood, I happened upon an arm-length piece that had a square end so I cut it up into 8 square blocks and decoupaged the letters on after painting 1 face and oiling the others.