Thursday, 15 September 2011

Vegetable Garden Progress

There are 3 vegetable garden beds down the back of the garden next to the chooks.  I've tried in vain to keep them out of there with bird netting - crude but temporary and aesthetically not terribly pleasing to the eye.  So finally I decided that it was time to try to fence them out whilst they are on 'free-range' time.
Bird Netting with Garden Stakes to prop it up
Lone Thornless Blackberry plant that I just planted - there's a wire cage around it to stop the chooks digging

You can just see the galvanized fence panels - they aren't very tall - 900mm max.  I'm hoping the chooks will not attempt to fly over them.  The garden stakes that prop them up are rather tall but I'm thinking of sewing up some bunting to spice up the look!

View from the other side of the garden

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