Friday, 23 September 2011


Broody and screechy Nutmeg persisting in trying to 'hatch' pebbles
My white mulberry tree cutting has arrived and I'm letting it harden off in a pot before I plant it out
Hard to imagine that a little sapling like this could possibly (given time and love) grow into a 8-10m tree
Beginnings - I guess to a certain extent Nutmeg is expectant as well howbeit futile her attempts to hatch pebbles.  I'm hoping that this mulberry tree would give us plentiful fruit in the years to come.


  1. Nutmeg is so cute...

    We have a couple of broodies here too, one hopefully will hatch some chickens next week if all goes well.

    We are having trouble growing our mulberry tree, I think the soil is too sandy and dry...

  2. If you don't allow Nutmeg access to a laying/sitting site, she will go off the brood. We did this with our chooks with great success. Took a couple of days though.
    Anne xx

  3. @ Tania - fingers crossed for you that there will be a patter of little feet at your home next week! I'm hoping we'll have better luck with our mulberry tree although hubby is a bit concerned that they are notorious for getting roots into the water pipes.

    Yes Anne, I'm trying to decide whether or not to put her in the 'sin bin' as we call it - it's an old cockatoo cage that one of our neighbours threw out. She's really funny though - and with her frizzle feathers she looks even funnier when she's angry - the other 2 have gone off the brood on their own accord so I'm trying to decide if she will do so too.