Thursday, 8 September 2011

Introducing The Chickens

From Left to Right - Cinnamon, Nutmeg (frizzle), Butterball
Foraging for bugs in the backyard.  Chook Palace in background (with white picket)
Taking in the green grass and hopefully finding some crickets bye the bye.
Cinnamon - she's broody but will come out on her own on occasion.

Officially we have 4 chooks in our suburban backyard (council lets us keep a maximum of 5 hens, no roosters).  They are all bantam crosses which we hatched and raised as chicks so they are quite tame.  Chloe remains holed up in the coop trying desperately to hatch phantom eggs of her own imaginings (she doesn't have any eggs to sit on but persists in doing so).  Cinnamon joins her too but I'm hoping is coming out of that dreamlike broody state.  We have 2 hens laying right now (Butterball and Nutmeg) and 2 broody ones.


  1. Oh Lilian! They look beautiful! I am glad the fence is working for you...except for the lightweights. :)

  2. Lovely looking chickens you have there Lilian. We have a broody bantam that I popped 6 fertile eggs under yesterday. Fingers crossed we will have little ones in 21 days...

  3. Your chooks are gorgeous and aren't they great to get rid of the slugs and snails. We have two Isa Brown chooks which lay quite well. I made a lemon tart today using 5 eggs and lemons from our tree. The colour of the tart was so yellow due to those healthy eggs.

  4. Thank you for the kind comments. I'm not sure they eat slugs - we have a plague of them at the moment and it's putting me off starting the veggie patch - the seedlings I plant just get chomped up. Anne, I'd have to agree about the yellow yolks - and the firm whites!! Tania, I thought about putting some eggs under the broodies but I'm not keen on raising any more chicks because we're on our limit of chooks in the backyard!

  5. Your chooks are really beautiful - I'm quite envious as chooks are still on our to do list! Looks like a very productive backyard with your new plantings too.

  6. Thanks Tania - there's not much room so we have to pick carefully what we plant - preferably things with high yield! Berries are high on the list of 'wants' with the kids so we're going down that path with strawberries, blackberries and we've ordered a white mulberry tree to plant out front.