Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rabbit Hutch Renovation

Lapin Chateau in the early days (BEFORE) when we housed both Benjamin and Jennifer together
Benjamin was often like this - a tad too 'loving' for Jennifer's taste
Benjamin in solitary confinement now - leaving Jennifer all to herself to enjoy the luxuries of the Chateau
Just in case you're wondering.  Benjamin Bunny does still love Jennifer Bunny

Initially we had only planned to have just the one bunny - Benjamin.  Until Jennifer wandered into our yard one day (probably someone's escaped pet).  We tried to house the 2 of them together in Lapin Chateau and that arrangement worked to a certain extent, although Benjamin was hardly a gentleman.  It came to a point when we had to move him out because he had started to pull tufts of fur off Jennifer's head (leaving her bald).  For that he got solitary.  We did attempt supervised conjugal visits but found that he was not behaving on those occasions so they now live separate lives.  The rabbit set up suits Philippa because all she has to do is empty out their litter trays (they poop and wee in the one spot) on a regular basis.

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