Monday, 26 September 2011


The weekend brought much needed rain and the garden is revelling in it - although I can't say the same for the animals and humans.
Crab apple ready for spring show
Strawberries enjoying the soaking
Passionfruit vine starting to leaf up again - hopefully this will provide the chicken coop with much needed shading in summer.  Tilly the cat taking a walk on the wildside with me.
Chickens a bit bedraggled trying to dry off under the covered pergola area.
Butterball - soaking foot feathers - she's my favourite although she suffers the most in the wet and always looks the dirtiest.
Cinnamon and Chloe still managing to look relatively 'clean'


  1. Your chooks are gorgeous! I like their names :)

  2. How do your strawberries do in the raised bed? I have wanted to do a bed of just strawberries and have wondered how they do! Everything looks so happy after the rain!

  3. Hi Caroline. I've had problems with them because 1. the snails have a field day because they are so low to the ground 2. if I don't net them, the birds get at them too. I haven't tried snail traps (beer) yet but I will need to to keep the slugs at bay (esp. with all the rain). The one problem I find is that my strawberries seem to last more than a season and as you would realize with the raised beds, the soil level drops (mine does anyway) and I find it hard to replenish with compost with the strawberries still in situ ( I feel like I'm burying them!). I'm thinking that after this season I may grow them in boxes instead to make it easier and leave the ground open to other more transient crops.