Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Garden Pre-Spring

Our Backyard

This is the current look into our backyard garden.  The chicken coop and run resides down the back, we have a covered pergola which is paved.  2 standard ficus stand like sentinels although they are a bit worse for wear because they've been moved and are currently sulking in their new home.  I'm hoping that the warmer weather would coax them back to luxuriant growth again.  The row of dietes (pointy plants on the left of the coop) were re-plants from an ebay buy.  In fact a lot my plants/pots have been ebay finds.  Orphans looking for good homes which I welcome.  Now if only my vegetable patch (hidden by the dietes) were just as verdant.  I really do have to get cracking as it's already September!

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