Friday, 7 October 2011

On My Mind

Joining Rhonda from Down To Earth with her regular Friday feature.  Spring cleaning is on my mind and specifically this little corner of the study right now which houses the wrapping paper and contact for the children's school books - how does one keep wrapping paper tidy?  To be continued...
Tucked into a corner which is hard to access

Currently in magazine holders but they keep falling over when I pull them out


  1. Hello, visiting from Down to Earth.

    My study is a shambles, too, so that is another of my 'things to do' over the next few weeks. You can buy long zip up bags for wrapping paper, I think Big W and the like sell them, although they can be quite dear. But, you could try some wide pvc pipe from a plumber supplies store and some caps to go on the end and decorate it, my husband uses that for his fishing rods when they're not being used.

  2. Thank you for the suggestions - I have googled ideas for storage and have something in mind (not sure if it will work yet but happy to try). Yes our study is by far the one room in the house that requires most tidying (all that paper!).

  3. What about storing them horizontally?

  4. Most stores around here actually sell an upright wrapping paper storage box around Christmas as well as one to store wrapping paper under your bed.

  5. Hmm - I have thought about storing them horizontally but they are quite long and I don't have a drawer that would fit them. I have thought about under bed storage but I really like the fact that I can sweep under the bed easily without having to move anything out first. I'm building something out of scrap wood which should fit the bill - hopefully reveal will be in time for next week's On My Mind.