Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tilleus the Hunter

I never expected our Tilly to be much of a hunter.  Sure she's caught her fair share of skinks (and their tails - much to the disgust of Pip) but she's never caught a bird or native animal (thank goodness).  Till the weekend when she presented us (rather proudly might I add) with this offering.  She proceeded (in true cat fashion) to play with her prey (which was already dead thank goodness) and tossed it about the back veranda.  We promptly left her to her own devices and busied ourselves with other 'more important' things to avoid having to dispose of the body... and wouldn't you know it, it wasn't there anymore later on.  The thought that she could've consumed it did cross our minds so we weren't exactly appreciative of her kisses that evening...


  1. I hope you praised your GOOD kitty for hunting and catching vermin. Rats, shudder. They have probably been eating your chook food.
    Go Tilly! :)
    Anne xx

    P.S. Just though I should add that I get very upset if our cats catch birds. That is a big NO, NO!!

  2. I think she was pleased as punch without much encouraging already Anne. Yes I would get very upset too if she caught a bird. She has tried many times but thus far nothing.