Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pyjama Case

I really do like getting creative and making things.  Sewing is just a fun thing I like to do when I have spare time and seeing as it's the holidays, there is alot of spare time during the day.  Today I decided to sew something useful.  Well, I came up with this idea of making a pyjama case for my pyjamas.  Instead of having my pyjamas lying on my bed all day, I can have them somewhere neatly tucked away.  It is quite easy to make, as long as you are willing to give up some of your time. 
This is the pyjama case all done and tied up.
This the pyjama case when it's opened up.  All you need to do is untie the ribbon and then it will open up.  You put your pyjamas inside the big pocket.
As you can see, I am not the best sewer but it did work out in the end.  It was my first big sewing project and remember, I didn't get any help!


  1. And she did this all by herself! I'm so proud of her.

  2. WOW!! Well done for sewing something so pretty and useful. I hope you keep sewing, it's so much fun, especially when you start to make clothes. I hope you post photos of your next sewing project.
    Anne xx

  3. Yes Anne, I am definitely looking forward to be able to sew clothes. I do want to become a fashion designer when I am older.