Friday, 14 October 2011

Quilted Printer Dust Cover

Joining Rhonda from Down To Earth with her regular Friday On My Mind Feature
Quilted top from leftover and thrifted fabric

Finished quilted cover over printer


  1. That looks so lovely. So many people seem to be showing off their quilting skills today and I feel so inadequate! Yours looks lovely.

  2. Don't feel inadequate. I think we all get daunted by all the loveliness out there done by expert quilters which I'm sure is not their intention at all. Give it a go - it's terribly addictive - go with squares and rectangles. I'm not great with matching colours so I usually stick with tried and tested blues/whites and other pastels.

  3. The printer cover is very pretty Lillian. You have done a great job.

    I could use one of those, our printer seems to collect lots of dust in my house...

  4. Wow Lilian! Barefoot Bride is right - there's a few of us showing off our quilting skills (mine are just beginning and I feel a bit inadequate too but am sooooo pleased to be just giving it a go!!!)

    The cover is lovely! What a good idea - my printer is always dusty!

    I'm not good at colour selection either so I tend to head to my nearest good quilting store (unfortunately about 45 minutes away) and they have been an absolute godsend...