Saturday, 11 February 2012

Vintage Planner

Inspired by Deb at homespun living I wanted to create one of my own Vintage Planners.  Serendipitously, as we were browsing the bargain bin in a second hand bookstore, I happen upon this gem...

Positively providential!  With dates and inspirational Bible verses... I intend to use some of these pages as 'Month' markers in the book

I followed her tutorial but was too quick to drill holes and hammer in grommets - it was only with hindsight that I realized that I neglected to add the paper to the inside cover before adding grommets... so I had to cut around the grommets after sticking down some nice paper over the yellowing inside of the book covers, added personal touches on the inside... voila...

Now all it needs are the internal pages! I had a lot of fun. Thanks Deb!

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