Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Harvesting Garlic

With all this rainy weather, the root crops have really suffered in the sodden soil so whilst I knew the garlic didn't even look ready to harvest, I thought I'd better dig them out anyway.  It was a poor harvest with a lot of the cloves just rotting in the ground.  Washed off the dirt to try to salvage as many as I can and allowing them to air dry under the pergola.

Early garlic harvest
Tilly playing with her reflection in the muddy puddles from rinsing the garlic

She brings me lots of laughter!


  1. Just try to get it dry quickly Lilian. Mine really suffered from being harvested in the rain and I'll avoid it at all costs next year. I think I might even try hanging it up in the laundry and putting the dehumidifier on. The effectiveness of the initial drying seems to be the key for storage life, and the dryer they are the easier they are to peel too.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I will do my best with this lot. I think I may try to cut my losses (there's not that many there anyway) and just peel and put it in the food processor with olive oil and use it up as quickly as possible.