Monday, 13 February 2012

The Monster Vine

The monster pumpkin vine is growing at a rapid rate - EVERYWHERE!

Been trying to play 'match maker' by aiding pollination by hand with limited success

Another failed match...

But wait... I think this one is a go-er!


  1. My pumpkins have completely failed this year - I didn't give them enough sun - so I pulled them out. Yours are looking good - as do your strawberry plants (I presume thats whats at the front of the first pic) - I hope you've been getting heaps of fruit.

  2. I read that on your blog Liz. I'm not holding out too much hope. There's just not enough sun this summer. I'm not even sure they are going to get enough warmth to ripen properly. The strawberries have finished for the season I think. We still get the odd one here and there but the main harvest is over.