Monday, 27 February 2012

Scrap Material Rug/Mat

I've only ever seen these rugs/mats in Malaysia.  It's made from scrap material.  My grandmother used to make them from leftover scraps after quilting.  I used to admire their brash blends of colour.  This one I bought from a shop in Malacca (in Malaysia).  I've been trying to work out how to make one - it looks like there's a lot of folding involved.  This one is too small as a floor mat so I've used it as a table decoration.


  1. I saw them all over Malaysia when I was there, and am sorry I didn't pick one up too! I look forward to you figuring out how they are made and passing that info on!

    1. This was the closest tutorial online that I could find - The end result doesn't look quite the same... I'm awfully tempted to just pick one bit of it apart and then sew it back together again just to find out! I'll let you know if I find the time to in amongst other things :)