Our best loaf yet

Yum... nothing beats the smell of fresh bread...

Dusted with plain flour for that 'professional' look...

A can of soup to show how 'poofy' it is!


  1. Great job....I bet it tasted beautiful....I must get baking bread again, its an easy habit to let go........

  2. That looks wonderful Lilian! Personally, I've struggled with plain white bread and although some versions have looked good, I'm disappointed in the texture. What is the texture of yours like? Would you mind sharing the recipe?

  3. I used this recipe http://www.bread-machine-recipes.com/recipes/hamburger_buns.html - the kids like a sweeter bread so I use this one. The texture is okay if it's poofy but if it doesn't rise as much it's too dense and the kids don't like it. The things I've done different is to
    1. proof the yeast ahead of time outside the bread machine and
    2. put it on dough setting and do a final knead and let it rise again in the oven before baking in the oven - I don't like the shape of the bread that's baked in my bread machine.

  4. Well done Lilian, your loaf turned out lovely!


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