Friday, 11 October 2013

The magic...

Of voile in the bedroom... soft, ethereal...

Just says - summer...

I love how it billows when the wind catches it... makes all those hours pinning and sewing worth it... such a temperamental fabric... softens Pip's windows significantly.


  1. Just discovered your lovely blog via Rhonda's Down to Earth. Love your upcycled furniture and other projects - you have inspired me! Have been procrastinating instead of spring cleaning but now ready to tackle all the ufo's having looked back at all your amazing ideas! And also love your cat Tilly - a favourite name in our family too. Best wishes, Jenny in Canberra

  2. Hi Jenny, thank you for th compliments. Procrastination is the bane of my life too. I find that the hardest part is starting. All the best on your projects. It's gotten really hot here suddenly in Sydney and all the spring projects I've been hoping to tackle has been put on the backburner as a result. Will get started again soon I hope :)