Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Passionfruit Harvest Take 3

We come home from a church camp over the Easter long weekend and I see 4-5 of these (some still on the vine, others on the floor of the chicken run)

Someone's been eating (stealing) our passionfruit harvest!  I suspect a rat but Frank thinks it's possums...

So in desperation I harvest 2 from the vine that have a faint hint of yellow on them to see if I can salvage what's left...

I cut into one of the newly harvested ones - no good - too early to take them off the vine.  The one below (with lovely yellow pulp) is from one I harvested (dropped off the vine) last week before we left for the weekend - it's turned a lovely golden yellow on the outside even though it was nowhere near that yellow when it fell off the vine.
So I left the other one that I harvested off the vine in the fruit bowl with some navel oranges - maybe it will turn yellow after all?  If it does I will harvest as many as I can off the vine before Mr Possum eats them!


  1. oh i am sorry something is eating your passionfruit -it was so exciting to see that you got fruit. I really think they will ripen better if they can stay on the vine. Is there a trap that you can set to catch the possum?

    1. You and me both... I took the risk and harvested more as I found more nibbled on (actually eaten) this morning. I thought possums were protected? What would I do with it if I caught it? I figure even if some of them didn't ripen at least I may have the hope of having some instead of none. The one I harvested yesterday looks to be getting lighter in colour - I'm hoping with all the ethylene gases from the citrus in the fruit bowl that it will help. I will report back for sure to see if this is going to work :(