Saturday, 14 April 2012

He Is Risen

It was fitting that this story would unfold during this very holiday when we remember the Risen Saviour.  So today I decided that the 'well' that I had made from old hardwood fence palings seemed to be leaning rather dangerously on the side plus I had wanted to move it from its original position.  I decided to take the roof off it and just have the wood palings around the plastic tub in the middle.  In recent days/months I had let the water dry down to a level so as to make it easier to move.
Well in its original spot - when it was first built in 2009.
Well today - see how it's leaning to the right?  Roof was too heavy.
So imagine my surprise when I took all the water plants out to find this lone goldfish - we had put goldfish (2) a while back - 2 years ago to keep the mosquito larvae at bay.  I had thought they had all died.  In fact this one was plastered up against the matted roots of the water plants and it was only when I removed it from the the roots that I discovered that it was indeed alive!

I'm amazed that it survived.  It hadn't been fed for years... as a testament to how hardy it was, look how filthy the water is... so we nicknamed him Lazarus.

Put fresh water (with tap water conditioner) in the pond after moving it to the spot I had decided to put it.  Then released Lazarus - Pip lamented that we would probably never see it again... We decided that perhaps we should get a few more just to keep him company (and increase the chances of seeing a flash of orange on occasion!).

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