Thursday, 5 April 2012

Passionfruit harvest take 2

I had put these 2 passionfruit in the fruit bowl together with some oranges 2 days ago... and was surprised to find that it wasn't a lemon that I had left over in the fruit bowl - it was a passionfruit that had turned golden after being harvested.  It was slightly more yellow than the one on the right initially but certainly not that banana yellow!  Things are looking good for a ripe passionfruit harvest!


  1. Tried to comment earlier but it wasn't working. Thanks for the updates on the passionfruit - you are giving me much-needed guidance (and hope!)

    1. I'm hoping you get a better harvest than us - it would appear that rats or possums have discovered them too (see Passionfruit Harvest Take 3) :( so it will be a battle of the wits as to who gets more.