Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The holidays

 Easter hols done and dusted.  A quiet one at home for the most part.  The best kind of restful.

There was a fair bit of rain - our new gutters seemed to cope okay but I need to figure out how to redivert this new downpipe
The pavers aren't sloping away from the covered pergola and water is spilling over into the covered area.
Tilly did some tree climbing when the weather cleared
Still hopeful for the early harvested passionfruit to ripen.  The yellow fruit are limes.  Some do seem to be lightening up so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Bag packed ready for another school term
View from the window - camellias in bloom
I bought a cyclamen from Aldi on special - $5 worth of cool weather cheer.


  1. Right after school holidays, when children go back to the classroom, is such a lovely and relaxing time. But I miss them more when they're not here.

    Love your cyclamen. I wish we had an Aldi here.

    1. Yes I do miss them - the house seems eerily quiet without them.