Monday, 16 January 2012

Home At Last

To find...

Tomatoes weighed down with produce!  I did contemplate staking them but didn't get the chance to before we left for Singapore

I believe this is pumpkin or perhaps it's rock melon...who knows?  It's got a life of its own - hopefully we'll harvest something.  I'm not holding out much hope with this wet summer - powdery mildew could well hit it before we get anything.

Who would've thought oregano flowers could be so pretty?

Harvest is plenty - 2 large tomatoes and lots of little small ones - bite size - perfect for popping into the mouth!


  1. Thank you - it was a whirlwind trip - loved the family time but glad to be back home.

  2. Powdery mildew here:( Those little toms look yummy!!

  3. Sorry to hear about the powdery mildew :( Harvested another lot of little toms this morning - thinking of making salsa...