Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A little housekeeping


See the arbour?  It used to be the bit that sat on top of the veggie bed (as part of the chicken tractor experiment - see below)

It got a bit annoying because of the cross braces on the ground. Getting the mower (which resides in the shed) over them necessitated clever manoeuvring.  It wasn't secured to the ground in any way so it would topple over on windy days.  Plus the gate was just hooked over a garden stake which made it clumsy to get in and out... So with the holidays over and the kids back at school, I took it upon myself to rectify the situation.

Zip lock 'chains' to hook the door closed.

Gate now swings easily and cross braces on the ground removed (which meant I needed to dig the posts in)

Gate closed.  The overturned Sulo bin used to be the compost bin - it has since collapsed and I need to build another one - may make it real fancy and build a compost tumbler!

Put another coat of white paint on it for good measure.

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