Friday, 6 July 2012

Beef Jerky - the homemade variety

The incubator - light source with little computer fan to generate airflow

Beef jerky - I sprinkled some pre-made BBQ beef marinade on it - it turned out too salty...
The men in our household like their meat... particularly in the dry form.  After buying it from the supermarket and forking out a fortune for a few measly pieces, I wondered how hard it'd be... so I did some research and discovered that a dehydrator was very similar in function as an incubator.  I took out the homemade incubator (made from a styrofoam box) that we used in the past  to hatch fertilised chicken and quail eggs, booted it up, set up the thermostat and left the lid off a smidgen to allow the moist air to escape... after 12 hours... we had beef jerky... albeit a bit too salty but the texture was right... methinks we may start to dehydrate a lot more things... fruit comes to mind...

The same incubator used to hatch quail years ago.

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