Friday, 4 November 2011

Sewing A Boom Box Cover

Joining Rhonda from Down To Earth with her regular Friday On My Mind Feature.  I'm on a groove.  Now that the XBox cover is finished, I'm onto the Boom Box (one of the speakers that needs to sit on the floor - so Frank tells me) cover.  Tilly has on occasion used it as a scratching post so I needed to make a cover for it to protect it.  Re-purposed one of Frank's old worn flannel shirts (I love the checks).
Old flannel shirt

Removed pockets and sleeves

Trimmed bottom and sewed straight - used buttoned front as back of cover to allow cables to come through.  Polar fleece top.  Pinned in place

Finished - needed an iron on the front.

In its place next to the XBox cover

Quite fetching really.


  1. Nice! I love that you recycled a shirt for this project. :)

  2. Yes, recycling is a great thing!

  3. Looking outside the box. Congrats!