Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Advent Calendar Finished

Pockets with numbers printed on canvas cloth

Stitched with green rick rack edging and red polar fleece (originally 'red carpet' from Pip's birthday party)

Rick rack edge - the pockets were really thick to sew - next time I won't use this method to sew one up...

Added little dolphin beads to each pocket so that...

After the verse (printables from here) is taken out of the pocket and read, the dolphins jump through the hole punched 'hoops' to secure it to the front.

Closer look at the dolphins (I had 4 colours - they were leftover from a previous beading endeavour)

Idea is so that once all 24 cards are read, you can read the whole Christmas story on Christmas Day.

All set for Dec 1!
Will probably add to this next year but this will have to do for this year.  Ethan looked decidedly disappointed that there were no food 'rewards' attached to the reading of the Scriptures... so I may put the lollies in after all... as an added incentive!

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