Monday, 14 November 2011

Recovering a Piano Stool

Old Nellie came with a matching stool but the leather cover on it was a bit worse for wear.  So I set upon to remedy it.

Old stool cover

Frayed edges

Old upholstery tacks

Originally a place mat, cut to size

Frayed the edges to match other edges and to add a frilly touch

Removed old tacks - this took ages

Added a bit more padding - leftover wadding from quilting projects.  Tacked into place

I like the frills!

New upholstery pins - I did originally want to re-use the old ones but a number of them snapped off when I removed them so went to Bunnings to get new ones - with lovely 'Daisy' heads.

Tacked in place

Love the detail!


  1. The cover looks great Lilian! Certainly makes a difference and brightens the stool up...

  2. Yup - music is floating through the house once again. Much to my delight.