Thursday, 10 May 2012

Musical chairs

or is it furniture?  Pip wants to redecorate her room which necessitated a reshuffle of furniture around the house.  Her loft bed would be sold on ebay.  The bed/trundle from the downstairs guest bedroom would be moved into her room and she'd use the trundle for storage.  I bought a lovely old bed from ebay to replace the bed/trundle and moved the cupboards around to make the room more spacious.

The lovely oak bed bought off ebay - I believe it's circa 1950

How the cupboards used to be - it had to be in that configuration because where the new single bed is now, the bed/trundle resided and if I had the cupboards any other way, we wouldn't have been able to get the trundle out from under the bed.  The side table that's on castors Pip wants me to paint white and move it up to her room

Cupboards moved.  Chenille bed spread is a thrift store find - Pip calls it the fluffy towel blanket!

The matching oak side table (actually not new, it resided in the music room and I just relocated it - together with the thrifted lamp).

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