Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Early passionfruit harvest update

Remember this act of desperation in harvesting passsionfruit unripened from the vine?  Well here's the verdict... despite reading everything to the contrary that they don't ripen off the vine... I have had some success with some...
These started to look a bit crinkly and the skin had softened so I was hoping that they would prove to be edible...

No joy - all pithy but wait... do I spy a hint of orange in there (on the left half)?  Perhaps I needed to wait longer?

So I did and this one turned a lovely banana yellow (after weeks in the fruit bowl)...

To my utmost delight - LOOK!

3 more have turned that lovely yellow and I'm hoping they are edible too!  So it is possible for them to ripen off the vine after all.  Some of those left in the fruit bowl have gone crinkly so I'll wait to see if they turn yellow too - I don't know if it's a certainty that they will all ripen in time but I'm glad some of them did!


  1. Oh good I didn't think they would. you proved me wrong! Are they sweet?

    1. Hard to tell because the sampler (Pip) tends to smother it with sugar before consuming it :) Probably not as sweet as those ripening on the vine. If I had a choice I would've just left them on the vine!