Monday, 23 September 2013

A timely quilt

It started with a bible verse for a "man of the moment"... hence the clocks/watch fabric.

Added panels (these were large fabric samples (I believe they were meant to be upholstery samples) that I had bought years ago that I never knew what to do with.

Interspersed with leftover flannel from Ethan's grown up quilt... Not sure if you can see the letterings on top, left, right and bottom of the middle panel

On the top - NIKO

On the left - MAN

On the right - MYTH

On the bottom - LEGEND

A timely reminder in case he gets a tad too full of himself because of the accolades...

My favourite part of quilting - the binding - because it usually spells the 'finishing' and also because I generally handsew it - I find it soothing and therapeutic...

Backed with a neutral floral sheet - I didn't have anything else big enough... it's probably the size of a double quilt and because of the upholstery fabric, makes it so much heavier...

My first attempt at log cabin style panel - I think my next quilt will be a log cabin...

Frayed edges of middle panel adds interest... hope he likes it... it's months early for his birthday but at least I know it's finished 'in time'.


  1. I love how this quilt turned out. You have done well :)

    1. Me too - the recipient loved it (which is the most important thing).