Friday, 23 August 2013

When Things Take Longer Than Planned...

It's always hard when things take so much longer than planned... Ethan's bed is one of those... I think the difficulty lay in the fact that I'm re-using second hand materials and fiddling with how to fit it all in the grand scheme of things was the hardest... here is it in its near finished state.  I still need to take his existing bed apart and incorporate the slats/bedhead into the design... crossing my fingers that it will turn out as planned.  The reason for the difficulty is also because it needs to come apart readily so that I can take it up the stairs into his bedroom section by section (ie it must 'flat pack') to reassemble again.

Yes there's still a section that needs a door - I have a leftover tan drawer front (same size as the one in the middle right now) which I will cut down to fit.

Drawers (old kitchen ones bought for a song on ebay) which will cordon off the existing mess in his room... one can only hope with teenage boys.

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