Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A Change of Heart

The bed that was to be Pip's new double bed (as pictured here) needed modifications and slats to convert it to something functional.  I kept putting off painting it because quite frankly, the wood had a lovely old world patina to it which I felt was almost sacrilegious to mask with paint.  So in my searchings for slats, I happened upon another fully functional double bed on ebay and decided that it was more economical to purchase it rather than buy wood to make up the slat platform with the original oak bedhead and footer.  Plus it was a pine production which I didn't feel the least worried about painting over.  I used the leftover flat ceiling paint - yes not ideal but I didn't want to use up what I already had rather than buy more paint.

The new bed - the side rails are on the other side of the room and the slats outside.
With the original oak bedhead and footer, I have every intention of turning it into a bench seat - stay tuned.

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