Thursday, 22 November 2012

These days...

With all that's been happening with the new ceilings and the re-organizing of the room, there's been a renewed flurry of organizing happening on a smaller scale and re-modelling of furniture to deal with storage issues.

The furniture has been moved about, new vignettes done

This one a favourite of mine

The orange pine bookcase was painted antique white and doors (bought second hand off ebay) added.

This old tea trolley (another ebay buy) used to house our shoes outside, has been moved in to house the DVDs temporarily until I find a better home for them. 

I built a new storage bench seat with MDF wardrobe doors that I found off ebay for a steal.  At the moment this stores all my power tools and sundries.
There's more to do yet but I need to work at a pace that suits the end of year flurry of activities with school things I'm afraid... and because I'm trying to re-use as much of what I already have lying around and only buy new if I have to, it's going slowly...

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