Friday, 26 August 2011

Tilly in the Bin

Our cat Tilly finds the weirdest spots to sleep. Here she is in one of her favourite spots....the bin! My family finds it amusing. Although, I think my dad appreciates it because now, he can actually have his chair back(Tilly used to love sitting and playing on my dad's chair until she met the bin). I have no idea how she thinks it's comfortable. Tilly must look angry in the picture because we have just disturbed her from her cat nap.


  1. Hey Phillipa,
    One of the reasons I love cats so much is because they find the cutest places to sit or sleep. Your kitty is very cute. We have two cats Stripey and Bungee. They are litter brothers and are nearly 11 years old. They are white with ginger and pale salmon markings. I look forward to seeing more of Tilly.

  2. Thankyou for the kind comment.

    I have seen your blog and your cats are so cute! Cats are the funniest animals. Sometimes they annoy you but they always say they're sorry by sitting on your lap for a cuddle.