Friday, 1 August 2014

Repurposing the vintage wardrobe

This old wardrobe in the kitchen/dining area has stored surplus kitchen items but like a lot of old furniture, it has problems. Namely the fact that the middle panel was nailed shut. The old mirror was removed earlier as it was looking less than safe. I have been attempting to hide the mess with the curtain but it didn't solve the problem of access to items behind the panel. I decided enough was enough and proceeded to pry out the middle panel. It was slow and painstaking because there were alot of nails and rather long ones at that.  After prying it off, I had to saw off the edge of the middle panel that was butted against the existing right door to allow for hinges and clearance.  Then I had to shave off a few mm off the bottom of the panel to allow it to swing easily. Will finish it off with mdf cut to size where the mirror used to be and a paint to bring it back to life.

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