Saturday, 22 March 2014

A change

The soft glow of candles soothes the soul even if it is a bit out of character to have them at breakfast.


  1. Hello Lilian! We had a little conversation over at Anna's Pleasantview so I clicked on your profile, I'm so delighted to find your blog which I look forward to reading. How funny that I found you "in America" when we are both Aussies. I see you read Rhonda at Down to Earth too, she and I are friends, I help out at her Forum.

    1. Yes Rose. I do believe I may have discovered Anna's blog from someone at Rhonda's Down To Earth Forum. Funny how our lives cross.

  2. And as you can see, the orchid on the table is very much fake. I haven't had much success with the real thing, hence my comment on Anna's blog when I see her gorgeous ones blooming.